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IF/VF Technology - What can IF/VF tyres do that the others can't?

Soil is the capital of agriculture. And although soil varies according to region, soil type and climatic conditions, reducing soil pressure is crucial if these agricultural resources are to be used efficiently.

This is exactly where IF-VF technology comes in. The IF/VF range has been greatly expanded in recent years and enables optimum soil care simply by using the right tyres.


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The new EU tyre label at a glance

Tyres rolling off the production line from 1 May 2021 will have to carry the new EU label. Among other things, the extended identification shows buyers the rolling resistance, rolling noise and the tread’s wet grip. Tyre dealers must provide the label in-store and in digital media.

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Support for India

Bohnenkamp participates in BKT fundraising campaign for Indian population

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Development laboratory from BKT receives award

At their factory premises in Bhuj, India, engineers, chemists and technicians have been working since 2017 to develop the latest tyres and innovative rubber compounds from tyre manufacturer BKT.

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New Bohnenkamp subsidiary in Hungary takes off

Strong range, fast service, professional team for even more customer proximity

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Workshop Tips: Optimal care with a slim footing

Row crop tyres are recommended because narrow tyres do not interfere with root growth and prevent damage to the crop. The rule is: as narrow as necessary, as wide as possible. But before the benefits of the slim tyres can take effect, a few aspects should be taken into account so that there are no big surprises afterwards. In no particular order, eilbote publishes practical tips for workshop and sales in cooperation with Bohnenkamp AG.

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On course for growth: Bohnenkamp starts the new year with an even wider range of truck tyres (Kopie 1)

New brands, new treads, new applications

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Bohnenkamp meets KRONECTED (Kopie 1)

On 12.01.2021 Thomas Pott, general sales manager of Bohnenkamp AG, was a guest at the KRONECTED Stream together with our product manager Marlon Lewandowsky.

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New catalogue: Tyres & Co. for forestry use

Tyres, rims and tubes for use on skidders, CTL machines, forest tractors and forest trailers are shown in the updated new edition of our forest catalogue. The 40-page product range overview is available in our media library as a PDF file for download and as a print catalogue.

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Concentrated knowledge of wheels and tyres in agriculture

Bohnenkamp TrainingCenter starts the training year 2021

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